Fairview Missionary Baptist Church
Red Church Reunion
Reunion Date:  November 30, 2019
Theme:  We Remember!  Maintaining the Unity of the Spirit

  • The Red Church Era:  1973 – 1990
  • The Red Church People:  Those that were members of Fairview during the Red Church Era
  • The Red Church Experience:  Personal memories/experiences of times and people
  • The Red Church Legacy:  Our heritage.  The era, people and experience that brought Fairview Missionary Church to this point in history.
Red Church History:

Fairview has a rich history, dating back to 1909.  This year, Fairview will be celebrating our church’s 110th Church Anniversary.  A part of this 110-year history generated many life-changing events and memories during a period that is referred to as “in The Red Church.”  

In reading the history of Fairview, around 1973, under the leadership of then Assistant Pastor John A. Reed, Jr., the interior of the 1954 sanctuary was redecorated, which included cushioned pews, carpet, and drapes.  The colors were burgandy (deep red) and gold.  The church address was 721 North Rhode Island.  The membership outgrew the sanctuary and in August 1990, relocated to the current building.  The address assigned to this building was 1700 N. E. 7th Street.  The interior of the new sanctuary is purple and white.

In spite of the splendor and comfort of the new sanctuary,  many that grew up in the building "across the street" often speak of the days when we worshipped "across the street" in "the Red Church," referring to the interior. 

The idea of a Red Church Reunion arose from the realization that, as with the progression of life, many that were a member of the Red Church (Fairview Missionary Baptist Church, 721 N. Rhode Island, ©1973 to 1990), are no longer a part of the current FBC congregation.  This result is precipitated by persons that were once a part of the Red Church, relocating to other churches in the City and many relocating geographically to churches across the nation, and of course, those that transitioned through death.
It remains that whenever those that were a part of the Red Church have the opportunity to reflect, they find joy and solace in remembering and sharing stories of The Red Church.  Many of the Preachers/Pastors that experienced their “Calling” while at the Red Church, often find the time during their preaching to accredit their current standing to The Red Church and the influence of members of The Red Church.

The Occasion:

The Red Church Reunion will be a time set aside for those of The Red Church Era to come together and share memories and pay tribute to those persons that were a part of their Red Church Experience.

The goal is to reach out to, connect with and fellowship with as many of The People of The Red Church as possible.  The Committee is planning activities during times that will accommodate as many of the Reunion participants as possible. Various activities will be planned throughout the day to afford the opportunity for quality time to fellowship together as people of The Red Church.

Tentative Agenda:

Please check back as the timeline can change.

12noon:  Onsite Registration
Online registration is available through the website.
12 -5pm (Time Change)
Tailgate Party
Sharing Period
Red Church Service Videos
Memorabilia Displays
Memory Wall
Group Chat with the Pastor adn Sons of Fairview
5pm (Time Change)
Official We Remember Program:  6-8pm

Cost:  There is no registration cost.  However, donations are appreciated to assist in offsetting the costs associated with the Reunion.  To make a donation through Givelify, click here for the Givelify mobile app or Givelify desktop link, and select Red Church Reunion or use the Online Giving link on the church website home page or by clicking here.  Select the "Other" option and indicate Red Church Reunion.

Red Church Reunion T-Shirts will be available.  Pre-orders will be taken through the website and onsite.  (Check back for details)
Red Church Reunion Buttons will be available.  (Check back for details)