Session Overview

This Conference will target both seasoned pastors and young men preparing for or just beginning ministry, to restore a Biblical approach to ministry.  Those attending will be challenged to never lose sight of their Biblical calling.  From scriptural backgrounds to practical application, participants will recover the Biblical priorities of ministerial service. 

New to this year's Conference is concurrent breakout sessions.  The participants will have the opportunity to be in small group settings and glean from pastors with years of experience and knowledge in their perspective topics.  

Two returning presenters from last year's Conference will conduct Plenary Sessions.  Time will be allowed at the end of the lecture for questions and/or discussion.

Brief descriptions of each class and plenary session topics are below.


Ministerial Perspectives (Dr. John A. Reed, Jr.)
Pastor John A. Reed, Jr., will share with the group some experiences of his sixty years of preaching and fifty-four years in the Pastoral ministry.

What is Expositional Preaching? (Rev. H.B. Charles, Jr.)
This session will provide definitive information concerning expository preaching-proclamation that "lays open the text to set forth its meaning, explain what is difficult to understand, and make appropriate application."


Building Your War Chest: The Preacher and His Library (Rev. Ray Douglas) 
This session will center on the value of preparation.  The call to serve is always a call to prepare to serve.

Christ-Centered Preaching (Dr. Major L. Jemison)
This session will present Christ as the model of redemptive preaching.  There must be Christ-centered exposition of Scripture.

Preaching to Millennials (Dr. Willie B. Smith, Jr.)
The ultimate goal of preaching to millennials is to establish a solid foundation for their faith that will result in commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, followed by a life of fellowship and service.

Preacher, Wait Your Turn (Rev. Manuel Scott, Jr.)
The emphasis in this session will be placed on Ministerial Ethics.