A “Community Outreach for Recovery 12 Step Program” is now being held at Fairview Baptist Church each Monday night from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.   This ministry is open to the community and relates to any type of addiction that one may be dealing with. The focus of the ministry is based on the Life Recovery Bible.
There are countless types of addictions.  When we think "addiction" we tend to think of drugs and alcohol, but there are so many more. Think of it this way - anything that prevents you from dealing with your true life issues or your family could be an addiction.  Some addictions are more physically dangerous than others, but they are all a way for us to avoid painful feelings.

Click here to download a full document on the program.  
Felicia Nero, Group Leader
Felicia Nero, 12 Step Group Leader
Address:Fairview Missionary Baptist Church
 1700 N E 7th Street
 Oklahoma City, OK 73114