Marcy Turner, Ministry Director
work: 405-232-1621
Denise Patterson, President
work: 405-232-1621
The Young Adult Ministry, known as W.O.W. - Workers of the Word, serves as a channel to aid the young adults of the church in their transition from teenager to functioning as responsible Christian leaders of the church, in their homes and the community.  It begins with age 18 and continues through age 35.

The Ministry sponsors activities throughout the year to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship and spiritual growth.  Included are the All Nighter, normally held in April, the Midnight Musical which is held in August and the Young Adult Conference.  Additionally, the group meets each Wednesday night at 7:00 for Fellowship and Bible Study and on Sunday at 8:30 for Church School Discussion Group.

Included in this Ministry is College Connections, a support for post high school students.