Fairview Observes 104th Church Anniversary and Homecoming

By M. Patterson |  November 19, 2013

Fairview Missionary Baptist Church will observe its 104th Church Anniversary and Homecoming on Sunday, December 1.  The church will also burn the mortgage to the Donald E. Burns Fellowship Hall and Educational Center. 

The theme is the church’s 2013 theme, “The Disciplines of Discipleship,” Matthew 16:24-27.  Emphasis for the occasion is “It’s Harvest Time,” Matthew 9:37-38. 

“This year’s celebration will focus on bringing in the harvest,” stated Fairview Senior Pastor J. A. Reed, Jr.  “Members have been charged with the mission of going out and gathering up all those that are a part of our church family and bringing them in on Homecoming Sunday, as well as bringing in their financial harvest.” 

The day will begin with Sunday School at 8:30 a.m.  At 10:00 a.m., the Fairview family and the Tabitha Baptist Church family will come together for joint worship.  Tabitha Pastor J. L. Mitchell, a product of Fairview, will bring the message and Tabitha's choir will sing.   At the close of Morning Worship, the church will have a mortgage burning ceremony, celebrating the triumph of completing the mortgage on the Fellowship Hall and Educational Center.

The day will end with a Homecoming fellowship dinner immediately following the services.  All members and guests are encouraged to share in the dinner. 
Pastor Reed and Anniversary Chairperson Ron Coffey are urging all members, active and inactive, former members and the community to come and share with the church family in this celebration of victory in the life of the church. 

Fairview is located at 1700 N. E. 7th Street in Oklahoma City.  For more information, call the church at 405-232-1621, email fairviewokc@aol.com or visit the church website at www.fairviewokc.com.  Those needing transportation should call 405-471-9494.