Children and Youth

Ministry Purpose: 
In following the leadership and vision of the pastor, the Children and Youth Ministry leaders have designed and developed a ministry model and plan of action to give some central direction and unification to the Ministry.  
In keeping with the Fairview Baptist Church mission statement – “Growing Our Church – Our Priority:  Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism,” the Children and Youth Ministry has endeavored to provide the materials needed to successfully teach the youth of Fairview how to build their lives upon Jesus Christ.  The following Mission statement was formulated to help guide the direction of the Ministry:
  • To uplift the name of Jesus Christ through action, attitudes, and activities.  
  • To establish, maintain and expect excellence in service to God. 
  • To develop a continually increasing level of spiritual maturity and resolve to a deeper commitment to the cause of Christ and His church. 


  • Continue to unify the various youth activities into one centralized Youth Ministry
  • Increase the level of commitment of children and youth leaders and workers
  • Involve every person under the age of 18 in the Fairview Baptist Children and Youth Ministry activities
  • Improve planning and implementation

The Children and Youth Ministry is composed of four interlocking and interrelated components, designed to either teach the work of the church, assist them in learning the work of the church, or instructing them how to be the church

Delores Watley, Ministry Director , Youth and Children's Ministry Leader
Address:Fairview Missionary Baptist Church
 1700 N E 7th Street
 Oklahoma City, OK 73117