Recreational Ministries

Recreational Ministries are used to reinforce Bible teachings and training in a fun and energetic atmosphere.  These ministries may include more of a physical involvement, such as praising dancing, acting, marching, drilling, etc.
  1. Drill Team MinistryThe purpose of the Drill Team is to encourage and enhance the memorization of scriptures in the Bible through the use of drills and chants with form, class and style, while serving to win souls for Christ.  The Drill Team is to represent Fairview Baptist Church in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Parade and Fairview's Youth for Christ Parade, along with other designated engagements.
  2. Praise Dance Ministry:  The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to lift up the name of Jesus in praise and dance, while serving to win souls for Christ.
  3. Drama and Speech Ministry:  The purpose of the Drama and Speech Ministry is to lift up the name of Jesus through dramatic and speech interpretation.  This ministry will allow children and youth the opportunity to express themselves through drama and speech.  Speech is also used to help young people learn how to project and speak with confidence and boldness in preparation for oratorical competitions and speaking engagements.

In order to participate in outings and activities, the youth must abide by policies as set forth by the Children and Youth Ministry.