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Fairview’s Food Giveaway is held once per month, generally the fourth Saturday.  Distribution begins at 8:00 a.m. and last until 11 a.m. or the food is gone, whichever comes first. The service is open to the community.  The service provides nutritious, varied food items to aid in supplementing the recipients monthly household food needs.

As you already know, the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak have been difficult and widespread across the globe and here in Oklahoma.  As long as it is allowed, we will continue to provide our community with food every month. Currently, the only eligibility requirement is expressed need. Starting with the month of March 2020. and until further notice, our food giveaway will be in a drive-thru format.  PLEASE ENTER OUR PARKING LOT AT THE NE 6TH STREET ENTRANCE.  PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES.  Once your car gets to the door of our Fellowship Hall, we will deliver your box of food to your car.  

Seniors, unemployed, college students, and any others that are in need are encouraged to take advantage of this service.  For eligibility criteria, contact the directors.