The Fairviewan

Mission:  Through this publication, souls are saved, the church is edified and God is glorified. 
1.       To promote the mission of the Fairview Baptist Church through printed media.
2.       To promote the work of Fairview’s Ministries.
3.       To communicate and preserve the rich heritage of Fairview.
4.       To serve as a instrument for outreach
5.       To print information that will be of interest and benefit to members of all ages.  
Objective 1: All information printed shall be such that supports all aspects of the Church program.  Any information submitted is subject to the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. 
Objective 2: All Ministries are encouraged to submit information to the newsletter on a regular basis, no less than quarterly.  Information submitted may be of past events, upcoming events or communications from the Ministry leader to the Fairview membership. 

Objective 3: The Fairviewan will interview and highlight long-time members of Fairview to obtain, share and preserve the history of our church.  This will be a regular feature.
Objective 4: Newsletters will continue to be available on the first or second Sunday of each quarter.  In addition to those made available to those attending worship, we will make an effort to have an issue in the home of all known Fairview shut-in members and college students that are out of the city.  We currently have a mail distribution of nearly 100 copies. The newsletter shall contain information that is evangelistic in nature, such that will present the saving message and a reviving message.  Disciples will be made and nourished.
Objective 5: By providing the reader with information, covering all aspects of our church, we will present a publication that contains information of interest and benefit to all readers, regardless of age or gender.  The publication is from the membership, for the membership and, therefore, will be of benefit to all of the membership.  We invite all members to share special events and milestones that occur in their family. This information should be coordinated with the Coordinator of Information.
M. Patterson, Editor
Address:Fairview Baptist Church
 P. O. Box 36188
 Oklahoma City, OK 73114