Opportunities for Growth

Bible Study/Training
Sunday School – The Sunday School is one of the foundation blocks of any successful youth ministry.  The primary purpose of the Sunday School in relation to the Children and Youth Ministry has four aspects: 
  • To introduce the youth at an early age to the nature of God the Father, the Person of God the Son, and the work of God the Holy Ghost 
  • To assist the children and youth in strengthening and maintaining the relationship with Christ and His Church 
  • To teach the youth the importance of Bible Study, as well as how to study the Bible
  •  To act as a tributary for the centralized youth ministry of the church
 Usher Ministry - The Usher Ministry provides an opportunity for youth to participate in this service.
Children and Youth Choirs, Praise Dance Groups and Drill Team - The youth of Fairview can participate in the worship ministry of the church through the Music and Fine Arts Ministry of Fairview.

Discipleship, which consists of the Men and Women's Ministries, is designed to assist in the spiritual development of children and youth, ages 3 - 18, in how to serve others in the community, as they learn to develop Christian values and morals to be disciples and servants of God.
Outreach consists of all of evangelistic efforts, as well as the recreation ministry.  This will teach the youth how to carry the message of Christ into the community and world in which they live.
Children and youth, as well as workers, are encouraged to participate in the evangelism effort of the church on a regular basis (every third Saturday). 
Delores Watley, Children/Youth Director; Rev. Dedrick Marsh, Children's Church Director; Rev. Derrick Walter, Jr., Youth Pastor
Email:fairviewokc@aol.com; communication@fairviewokc.com
Address:Fairview Missionary Baptist Church
 Donald Burns Fellowship Hall and Educational Center
 Oklahoma City, OK